Friday, April 26, 2013

T. D. Stone's Residence

William Waters truly embraced the Queen Anne Style.  Some of his most beautiful and charming dwellings were of that mode.  One of particular note was the home of Ripon newspaper publisher, Thomas Devilo Stone.  Mr Stone was born in Connecticut in 1848 and came to Wisconsin in 1869, working as editor for several newspapers before purchasing the Ripon Free Press.  Late in 1875 Thomas married Carrie Allen and started a family.  By the late 1880's Stone needed a home befitting his status and commodious to himself, wife and three daughters. 
Built in 1890 and dubbed "The Elms" the house occupied the corner of two fashionable streets on the east side of Ripon.  A large front porch served as a welcoming approach to the front door and there was a  profusion of windows and bays on the first floor.  On the second floor, front and center, was a balcony and arched opening flanked to the right by a bay window and on the left by a set of double windows. Four windows topped by a fan light filled the front gable and many of the upper sashes were rimmed by lights of colored glass.  At sometime, perhaps during the great depression the house was converted from a one family to a two family dwelling, the fate of many large and costly homes.  The front porch was enlarged and an entry door placed below the balcony.  The balcony became an enclosed porch and access to the second floor apartment was gained by way of the original entrance.  The sashes of colored glass were removed as well as the shingle covered railing along the top of the second floor's bay window.  The alteration adversely affected the balance and rhythm of the original design. 

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