Monday, September 15, 2014

The Lake House

The economic panic of 1893 had lasted a number of years and recovery was underway by 1896, with more construction of all kinds.  Architect Waters designed a bank in Waupaca, a summer retreat for the Jesuits and a school in Oshkosh.  Styles were changing as well, Queen Anne was passe, replaced by Colonial Revival and Neoclassical styles.  An emerging style of house at that time was what has been dubbed the American  Foursquare but perhaps known by another moniker at the time.  Mr. Waters drew plans for many fine homes based on the Foursquare style, the Frank Lake residence on Menasha's Park Street being one of the best.  It was a large house with many windows, especially on the front elevation which faced the park to the west.  A full porch, five windows on the second floor and grand dormer dominated the front of the building.  The first floor was clad with clapboard and the upper stories with shingles.  It was enlarged at sometime but the addition was seamless.
Mr. Lake was born in New York state in the late 1850's and grew up there, he married, came west to Chicago and became a salesman for Menasha Wooden Ware.  He was a hard worker and savvy businessman, he came a stockholder and in 1889 moved to Menasha to serve as treasurer of the company.  He guided the firm through economic hardship as president and was a tireless promoter of the city of Menasha.  After his retirement from the company he moved to Winnetka, Illinois where he past away in 1939.

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