Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Winnebago Gun Club

In March of 1899 the Winnebago Gun Club, at its' regular meeting decided to build a club house. Architect William Waters was there and presented plans for a utilitarian building to accommodated the club's needs. The Winnebago Gun Club was organized by shooter to improve and promote the sport of marksmanship. In the summer of 1899 the club was to have the second annual shooting tournament to be held at the Heisinger Farm across from Riverside cemetery and a suitable building was needed. The plan called for a structure one story high, 16' x 32' with the front portion devoted to a large open veranda. The enclosed portion of the building was to have lockers and gun racks, all for the expenditure of $200. The contract for construction went to Fluor Brothers and the club house was to be finished in two weeks.   

By early July of that summer everything was ready for the big tournament. The new club house was finished and painted and a chimney was added for the preparation of lunch. By all accounts the building was perfect for club's needs. The tournament that summer was also a great success, the club made enough money to erase all its' debts. It's unclear what became of the Winnebago Gun Club and it's diminutive club house. The farmland was developed as a neighborhood and the Winnebago Gun Club ceased to be.  


  1. It was not in my book but I remember reading it was destroyed in a tornado.

  2. Gee Dave, I'll have to check on my source. Nice to know it was destroyed by a tornado.

  3. David, I check my edition of your book and it's right there on p.134, four articles.