Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Bay Street Bungalow

The house at number 313 Bay Street in Oshkosh is not a real bungalow is the sense of the architectural vernacular but the alliteration made for a catchy title.  The diminutive dwelling was a Queen Anne Style cottage built circa 1885 and featured some details that marked it as the work of William Waters.  It was only one and a half stories but had a layout often used by architect Waters. A small porch at the left of the front elevation is covered by the roof of the front gable.  In that gable was a bay window just below the peak, an element seen in Mr. Waters' Queen Anne works.  Along the south side of the house, just past the porch was another larger bay window and above that a gable with a set of double windows.  Beyond the bay window was the back porch. 

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