Sunday, January 9, 2011

By 1873 the duel school buildings of the second ward at the corner of Otter and Mill Sts, which had served since1869 had to be replaced. Plans were announced in July of that years and the building was completed in October with plans drawn by William Waters. The building was erected on lots between Winnebago and School Sts. not far from Bowen St. A two story brick building measuring 36' X 70' in the Queen Anne style was erected and named for Theodore Frentz the school board member representing the second ward.

The style was a departure from the architects earlier school structures and presented a pleasant and ornate building with contrasting bands of red brick which also topped the windows. There were two front doors located on small wings on either side of the school, each covered by a gabled canopy. At the very center of the first floor front was canopy covered window which had the appearance of an other door. Above it all rose a charming two tiered bell tower.

That same year, 1873 Waters was asked to plan an addition to the First Ward School, an older frame structure on the corner on Wisconsin and Algoma. The next summer the great fire of 1874 destroyed the schools of the forth ward. Both the buildings designed by Waters; the 1868 Jefferson St. and the 1869 building on the corner of Jefferson and Irving were gone. William Waters however did not design a replacement, that honor went to Carl Kock of Milwaukee. The school was constructed on the corner of Mt. Vernon and Irving Streets. and was named for Dr. Dale, head of the school board. Mr. Waters would later draw plans for two addition to Dale School.


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