Monday, January 17, 2011

Oshkosh Schools from 1883 to 1895

Nine years after the Frentz School opened there was talk of over crowding and the need for another school in the second ward. Architect Waters was to plan the school and E. E. Stevens was to build it. Waters planed a grand edifice not unlike the Frentz School, but bigger and better. The Queen Anne style building was built of cream colored brick and featured contrasting bands of dark brick as an accent. In some areas below the windows several courses of brick were laid diagonally for even more visual interest. The most striking element was the imposing bell tower behind which were arranged the class rooms. The building had the look of a mix of the Frentz School and Read School.
The school was finished in 1883 but not everyone praised it. One newspaper article criticized the ostentation of the tower as wasteful; the money spent could furnished school room with maps and books. As time went on the Frentz School was closed and addition and improvements were made in 1898 and 1910 as planned by Mr. Waters. Known as Washington School in later years the school served until it was replaced in the 1960's


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